Studio di Mare

Ciao! Thank you for visiting Studio di Mare. I’m Stephanie (aka Smiles) and I’m a creative. Although I work in a variety of mediums this site features my metal and jewelry designs.

My style is organic and many of my inspirations come from nature and the sea. I enjoy manipulating metal to create wearables and objects. I use precious and semi-precious metals (brass, copper, silver, and gold) and natural gemstones in my designs as well as found objects from the beach and in nature such as sea glass or natural rocks collected from where I live or during my travels. Additionally, I use authentic created gemstones such as Swarovski or Murano glass.

I also enjoy drawing and painting. Combining these interests into my jewelry I “draw” images by engraving on metal or forming metal into the shape of the designs I draw and I “paint” images or scenes using enamels on metal. Sometimes I combine these techniques and add gemstones to accent the design.

As an American who lives in Italy I regularly travel to some beautiful cities and locations that have inspired man for centuries. I frequently view artwork by great masters and have opportunities to study creative techniques that are known around the world for their excellence. I mix these inspirations, techniques, and materials into my works.

My jewelry studio is located in a small town on the beautiful Amalfi Coast. It is open to the public to visit if you are in Italy or you can follow my latest creations on my social media channels.

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