This earring design has been quite the hit this summer. From opera divas to pony farm ladies to professors, women around the world are buying up these earrings just as fast as I can make them. Check out my Instagram page to see the latest available EarWings!

Each pair of “EarWings”, as I call them, are completely handmade. I patina the copper wings after they have been hand cut, filed, textured, and formed into the wing using different chemicals. The result of each pair are unique and are fixed with a clear acrylic to keep from further oxidation. They are then attached to Sterling silver (.925) ear hooks.

IMG_3423There’s a large size (about 3″/8cm long wings as pictured above) and a medium size (pictured here) which are half as big as the large wings. You can order them in copper without a patina too and also in brass. Without a patina they take on a natural oxidation over time and will look more antique naturally.

You can order them directly from me or in my Etsy shop.

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