Travel Writing

As an adventurer and storyteller some of the best stories I believe are about the adventures you have when traveling. For me, any day that I explore a road I’ve never been on or seeing something new on an everyday route can be an adventure.

Being an Explorer

I’ve often said, “I’m not lost, I’m exploring.” This happened often during a short period when I lived in the Atlanta area and I was sent out for office errands. Somehow I always ended up in Smyrna when I worked in Marietta and lived in Woodstock. Smartphones didn’t exist then and using a GPS wasn’t so common either. I usually just winged it and eventually made my way back to the office.

Now that I’ve moved several times and traveled the world quite a bit more since those early years during undergrad, I really look forward to exploring new neighborhoods extensively. I’d really love do to some cross-country hiking too when my time and finances will allow for it.

Here in Italy I walk everywhere. While I worked for a tour operator in Rome and now that I run my own travel site, I have explored many places throughout the country, particularly in the south. I prefer to have firsthand knowledge to advise my clients when they are making their vacation plans. Fortunately the smaller neighborhoods, villages, and towns make it easier to see more in a shorter distance as compared to the USA where everything in the region where I lived was mostly spread out and required a car to get around.

The old streets interrupted by piazzas and charming alleyways that wind through historic centers can seem like a funhouse maze to tourists who aren’t familiar or try to rely on Google Maps to get them to a destination for a tour or dinner reservation they made before learning their host location. For some this can be fun and others perhaps it could be a bit frustrating if they are running late or have a limited time to see as much as possible. By exploring new places whenever I can, I hope to assist others to make travel plans which reduces their stress and advises them when or where it’s better to not pack so much into the trip and allow more time for soaking in the atmosphere or the most efficient route across places like Rome.

Sharing the Knowledge

Part of the fun for me as a travel operator is also learning about the history of the area. It seems that each place here has their particular traditions and neighborhood rivalries along with important events that have taken place over the centuries. America’s culture is so different and young in comparison. We have some traditions and a bit of history but nothing so vast as you find here in Italy. I think this is part of the intrigue for many Americans like me who love Italy.

With my love of writing I’ve started blogging on occasion to recount past travel experiences or to document local events that I find interesting. My travel and tourism experience and education in media design, particularly with copywriting has also enabled me to not only provide content for my own websites but also to freelance as a copywriter providing content for other websites.

Finally, I may not be a Frances Mayes or Elizabeth Gilbert yet, but I have my stories and one day will publish a memoir of some sort. Too many people have told me that I should write a book when I talk about the things I’ve done and been through in my life. As of this moment I don’t think I have a good enough ending to tell a completed story. I think I’m getting closer, but there are a few more things I want to accomplish before I feel my life is ready to put down in a memoir. Until then, check back here for random tidbits that I sometimes share. 😉

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