A creative adventurer. A non-traditional, risk-taking, world traveling story-teller, artist, teacher, and devoted mom of Lulu and Splash, her rescued furbabies from South Florida.

She’s had a lot of jobs over the course of her working career. Starting from scooping ice cream in high school to becoming a teacher overseas, she has experience in many business sectors. She’s taken risks that others only dream of and switched careers so many times you’d think she is a cat with nine lives.

Much of it was necessary, whatever paid the bills and to not be a “starving” artist. That mostly included office management positions that always left her wanting more. Occasionally she enjoys doing volunteer work too.

Some of her jobs were fun and the rest was, well, experience. Now she consciously focuses on attracting fun experiences that makes life meaningful and pursues projects that will bring more experience to help others while allowing her time to pursue her passion of creativity and perhaps, do some more traveling too.

Far from boring, she loves the outdoors and embraces change. Her creative works are most often inspired by nature, classical art, and architectural elements. She enjoys co-creating with others who are positive, passionate, and have leading edge ideas. Her current focus of personal study is to dive deeper on the subject of creativity and how it can help in education and to improve business.

Stephanie’s Short Story

During the last days of 2012, Stephanie embarked on a life-changing journey from America to chase her dreams in Italy. A job offer to teach English sparked the decision, but it disappeared in the days before her arrival. “What will you do for work?” was a question many people asked that knew of her situation before she left Florida.

“I don’t know. I’ll figure it out when I get there.”

After a couple of years of working at first in a restaurant and then organizing private tours, she finally began teaching EFL at private schools. Still teaching, she also does creative freelance work. Her EFL students range from young children to older adults and at all levels of English knowledge. Most of them are Italian. She also provides private English lessons at her home.

The teaching experience during her life’s journey was the missing link she needed to further develop the Fun with Lulu stories inspired during her graduate thesis project.

In development now along with other projects, the stories are planned as a series of children’s bilingual picture books for early readers. You can follow the progress of its development here and at Fun with Lulu.


Stephanie also loves adventure, traveling, and helping others to be creative. She has worked in the tourism industry for several years. Continuing this work in Italy, she provides personal services for English-speaking clients. She created a travel and tour operation website which promotes creative and adventure travel experiences. The travel blog, directory of information, and services can be found at Inspiration Trips.

Original Works

To purchase available works of Stephanie’s jewelry and original art, please visit SM Gallery.


  • BFA Metal & Jewelry Design, Savannah College of Art & Design – Savannah, GA
  • MFA Media Design, Full Sail University Online – Orlando, FL
  • Short course on Jewelry Design, Accademia Italiana – Rome, Italy
  • TEFL certification

To view a more straightforward listing of her professional experiences, please visit Stephanie’s profile on LinkedIn.

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