Studio di Mare


to the “centro” of creative works for Stephanie Miles.

Stephanie is an American artist-designer, teacher, and writer living in Italy. Creativity is her passion.

A lifetime of creative learning mixed with a formal education in the arts and her experience of living in a different culture, teaching people another language, has deepened her understanding and importance of communication. Exploring her love of creating art and writing, she continues to share and encourage ways for people to discover and unblock their passions.

Located on the Amalfi Coast of Italy, Stephanie is also loves to travel and share her knowledge about her home. Inspiration Trips is her side business to promote travel and cultural activities in Italy.

About the Blog – Scribbles

Scribbles is the name of the site’s blog. The meaning of this word applies to both writing and drawing in a hurried way. You can find her insights about using social media and branding, info about her creative works, and anecdotes about her life in Italy.

Often she uses writing as a therapeutic tool. Some posts may also include thoughts about her personal and professional development. For an artist that experiments in many areas, scribbles seemed an appropriate name for this online sketchbook of thoughts. It’s not always perfect, but it’s a process that is necessary during creativity.

Nota per il mio italiano

Il mio italiano non è perfetto, ma comunico bene. Chiedo scusa per gli errori qui quando scrivo in italiano. Spero che nel tempo continuerò a migliorare.